Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

It has been dark outside all day. You'd think it would just start pouring down rain, but no. The clouds just hover like a buzzard waiting for something to die.

Today is Black Friday. The busiest shopping day of the year. At least three people were killed today so shoppers could take advantage of the low, low prices. A 34 year old temp worker was killed today when a crowd of shoppers broke down the doors to Wal-Mart in Long Island. The crowd could not wait the 30 seconds it would take to unlock the door, so the crowd of over 2000 surged ahead, the doors broke open, and the worker was crushed in the stampede. Hundreds of people stepped on the man just to be the first to pick up a 42" Plasma TV on sale for $500. The store probably only had six in stock, and since the sale is one-day only, no one would receive a rain check, but "there are plenty of other plasma TVs on sale, but they start around $1500." Several others, including a pregnant woman were injured. The store stayed open the whole time. As the man was taken away in the ambulance (he died in the Emergency Room) and the pregnant woman was also taken away (she did not miscary, Thank God) the store remained open, and the cashiers were cheerily ringing up purchases.

In Palm Desert, California, two people were shot outside of a Toys R Us. Two women were fighting over the latest electronic toy while their boyfriends looked on. Suddenly one of the men pulled a gun and shot in the air, then shot the other man in the back. The other man turned around and shot the other man before they both died of their wounds.

On the bright side , Portland cops caught the accused gunman from the Southcenter Mall shooting earlier this week. It was pure dumb luck they caught him. The cops were responding to a noise complaint at a motel and they knocked on the wrong door. Thankfully he surrendered peacefully.

This is why I shop online. I hate crowds, and now that I am in a wheelchair, I hate them even more. And I know they hate me. I know this because when I could walk, I hated being stuck behind someone in a wheelchair, or someone old and slow. Even now I hate it. It also irritated me riding the bus and having to stand because someone in a chair had to take up three peoples seats. And the time it would take for the bus lift to get someone on or off the bus seemed intolerable. Now I am the one in the chair and I know how the able-bodied must see me. As a pain in their ass. Maybe my condition is karma, who knows.

This is why I do most my shopping on line

I did do some shopping by going to QFC to buy a razor (man they have gotten expensive. $10 for a new razor and $10 for four extra blades), some more egg nog (I still have half a bottle of Southern Comfort to go through), a couple Sautsuma Oranges, some pistachio nuts, and a copy of Tropic Thunder. A lot of protein, some grooming aids, and, hopefully, a funny movie to brighten things up a bit.

This morning started with the usual 4:00 a.m. interuption by loud staff members in the halls. At 8:00 I was given 12 mg of Dilauded and it knocked my ass out, except it did nothing about my pain. It still felt like I was being dug into with a corkscrew. The rest of today I've just been in a haze.

I have to check the Slog for any more news. It's still a holiday for a lot of people so instead of Countdown with Keith Olberman and the Rachel Maddow Show, there is a marathon of pison documentaries or To Catch A Predator. People who didn't visit their families yesterday are here today. Half of the families are in the lobby watching Boise State kick all kinds of Fresno State ass (that's a football game).

My 'hit' counter for this blog remains at zero. Meaning the counter is broken or I am all alone in here. No biggie. A long as I write something, anything, for two hours a day, I'll feel productive. That my experience here isn't a total waste if time.

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