Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Holidays are fucking hard in a nursing home. Especially when you don't have family. It would just be another day, except I don't have physical therapy to take my mind off it. The staff are so fucking cheery because they get to go home to their friends or family and enjoy a real turkey dinner. I can't even go into the lobby to watch the Seahawks lose to the Cowboys because some lucky bastard's family has brought him or her a real Thanksgiving dinner and they have reserved the room. After the residents have been served their crappy excuse for a turkey lunch the staff will have a catered meal in the dining room for all to see. If it's like last year they will have real food.

This is my second Thanksgiving here. I have a second Christmas, New Years, and will probably "celebrate my 45th birthday here." It's days like this that makes me ask God why I am still here. Growing up I had always wanted a long and something more than ordinary life. I should have been more specific. I should have added healthy.

By dinner things will be back to normal. Most evidence that today was Thanksgiving will be gone. I think a Reuben Sandwich is on the menu. I at least was able to go to QFC yesterday and buy a Prime Rib dinner from the deli. I also bought some egg nog and Southern Comfort. I had some last night. I slept really good for a change.


The only thing worse than not having a family to visit you, is having a family that says they are going to visit and they don't show up. This is what happened to the old gentleman whose family had reserved the TV room for a big sit down early dinner. They were supposed to have the room from noon to two. Noon came and went. So did one and two. By three we were allowed to go in and watch the rest of the Seahawks game (they lost to the Cowboys 34-9). I came back to my room to find my roommate crying in pain. I don't think I have an appetite for dinner. It will keep until tomorrow.

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