Friday, April 3, 2009

A Productive Day

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My View To The West

It's been a long but productive day. Most of my time was waiting for the cable company to install my internet and hdtv (I still don't have a set) and for someone, a nurse, from "Home Health Care" who came to assess me and change my dressing. I felt very comfortable with her and she will be buy every day to change my bandages. She was very encouraging about my benefits are, still with state cuts, I should be OK.

Up until today, to log on my options were to go to the library (and I got SOAKED on the way back) or somewhere on the Ave that has free wi-fi. Now it's not an issue since I am internet enabled.

I spent last night at the library downloading a lot of music off sites that were blocked by the nursing home's security (even with their security I downloaded about 200 albums, mostly concerts or b-sides of bands I like. So last night I used the mac as a jukebox (I could watch a DVD, but I am not interested in anything until Monday's episode of Heroes, which I will have to download from I-Tunes).

So last night I got nice and made myself a Fried Egg & Bacon Hoagie with Miracle Whip.

This is actually "Sandwich No. 2" since I ate No. 1 almost immediately after making it, forgetting to take a picture. Sandwich No.1 was better, the second try the egg was a little runny.

I stared out the window some while listening to The Pale Saints around 5, and now it is 9:p.m and my butt is bugging me.I decided to call it a day. Without a TV sitting in my chair all day is a pain in the ass. But until I get the sliding board I asked for it's always a little scary transferring from my bed to the chair. The bed I was given is crap compared to what I had at the nursing home, which was a better grade of crap. I think I already said the bed doesn't go up and down. At least I have sheets and blankets, but a second pillow is in order.

I will be glad when it gets warmer, but at least it didn't rain today and I managed to get out twice today, the second time I bought a Pesto Pasta Salad to go (Thanks Jason).

So I am going to call it an evening. I've scraped the doors enough. The nurse made my bed so now I have cool black sheets (they were out of purple). She'll be back in the a.m. and I have to be in my chair to let her in the building and unlock my door. Luckily I have some energy, not much, but when it gets warmer and sunny my mood and outlook get a lot better. I am giving the Mac the night off an i-podding it. Will listen to Paul F. Thompkins album, a couple Pale Saints live concerts I downloaded while maling with my own artwork:

I have debated about posting web addresses of the blogs I read where I download stuff (mostly concerts and out of print records), but I will post these album covers and you can usually find these by searchin in Google Blogs or Totally Fuzzy.

More soon.

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Jason L Cheung said...

Sweet, Larry! Maybe someday you can make me a sandwich...Looked GOOD!