Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tomorrow I will have the internet

Tomorrow I will have the internet and HDTV. Now I just need a TV.

The weather has been really crappy, cold rain and snow, so yesterday I didn't go out so ran a lot of errands today. I am at the Seattle Library in the U-District, which is two or three locks from my apartment right now.

The apartment is small and my chair has already scraped a lot of doors. It will be good to have everything put away. I still have all the stuff in storage and the way I bump into stuff I am afraid there won't be room to move. With some creativity I might manage.

I am going to have t have someone come in once a week to do stuff that I can't like laundry and changing the sheets. I bought sheets to day but can't get them on myself. Tomorrow a nirse will come by to change bandages and do some physical therapy. Maybe she'll do it.

Tomorrow I will post from home (with pictures).

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