Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanks for the Interest - Memorial Plans

I want to say thanks for the interest and nice comments on this blog and at the Stranger. I know he would have appreciated them all.

There were some questions, so I will answer them as best as I remember them.

First, though, the memorial is for Saturday April, 18 at the 6 Arms in Seattle. We will be holding it upstairs. Anyone from the blog community who wants to come is welcome. We will have an album of photos so you can see him in better times.

Other answers
  1. I will give a full answer of what happened after the memorial. I think it best to wait until then. He was very open abouthis health, but it is best to wait a little longer.
  2. Arrangements have been made for his body, but thanks for the offer to take up a collection.
  3. Donations to the NW Kidney Centers is perfectly acceptable.
  4. My last conversation with him was about going to the Slog happy hour, which he was looking forward to attending.
Jason Cheung, if you can't come by the memorial, I come see you when I can.



Fay Jai said...
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Fay Jai said...

Saturday the 18th? If I don't have to close that night (and I don't think that I do,) I'll be there. I'll be late, but I'll be there.
Thanks for setting this up, Paul.


Anonymous said...

I would like to hear about the memorial as I was unable to attend. Thank you.