Sunday, April 5, 2009

A quick one

I got to dash this off before the sun goes down. Until I get a lamp by my bed or a very long stick to flick off the wall switch, I have to get to bed while I can still see.

The day started off cool. I went to Wallingford and had a waffle at The Rusty Pelican. The place was packed. Since it's the only place for breakfast now in that area the place is jumping. (The waffle is always good and they use heavy cream with their coffee).

I got home around two and had to get into bed so I could B.M. (which was explosive, but I managed). However I then noticed I had inadvertently pulled out the plug to the bed, so I couldn't raise the bed again to get in my chair, which was about four inches higher than me when I am sitting on a sagging and very uncomfortable mattress. I lay there and pondered what to do for a couple hours. I was starting to regret leaving the home and now understand where all the money I was giving them was going. It was paying the salaries of the people who picked me up and cleaned the shit off me.

It took a couple hours of stacking blankets and clothes and rolling on top of them then it took all the strength to pull myself into the chair, so I could pack up my shit and then get something to eat and write this before turning in again. (I cranked the manual raiser with hopes eight cranks would raise the bed high enough...I wound up leaving my front door unlocked tonight in case I can't get out of bed to let the nurse in...hopefully, if necessary, she can talk her way into the building).

Things should improve this week. I should be seeing a nurse almost every day and I should be seeing a social worker, an occupational therapist and a physical therapist, and will probably have to pay someone to come check on me every day and do my laundry and clean and stuff. It's embarrassing what I can't do. I also hope to get a reacher (a stick with a claw on it), a commode chair (self explanatory) and a table I can use in bed and use the computer). Right now it is usually tethered to my hard drive, where all my music is. (Luckily the Mac Pro came with a remote control that can control iTunes and Front Row).

I hope I get my retirement soon (tomorrow please). Before I buy the TV and stereo and something for other people to sit on, I am buying a comfortable bed. I spend 50% of my day in it, I shouldn't be in pain.

It's almost too dark to see and I got to pee. Tomorrow.

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Timótheos said...

Hi, Larry. I have a few ideas on lighting: Floor lamps are often available on craigslist/free and the FreecycleSeattle Yahoo group. Related: my favorite Christmas present of recent years was an LED baseball-type cap from LLBean. Unbelievably bright and useful when you don't have hands free for a flashlight. It takes 2 CR2032 batteries which hide in the headband. $19.95 and well worth it.

Regarding your opinion of the condition of sidewalks - I live on Northgate Way and the sidewalks are impassable for most people, especially those with wheelchairs or strollers or crutches. I wouldn't normally comment on that, but since you mentioned my street... I'm referring to the area from Greenwood/105th down to the mall - I'll send some pics. Also, when the Northgate river is flowing, the splashes can easily reach 6 feet high.

Congrats and good luck with the new place. I hope: that your nurses can get a key, that you buy a grabber, and that you have your cellphone loaded with friends' #s who would help you get back in the bed next time.