Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Day Wasted

I spent all day at Virginia Mason having doctors appointments. Four in total. All of them lasted five minutes each, just long enough for each doctor to tell me I am doing fine. Still, my ride was over two hours late picking me up. The ride home was a bit of an adventure because it started hailing all of a sudden and it was hard seeing out the window. The ride home took twice as long. I am glad to be bed, but I can't seem to warm up.

While I was in one of the waiting rooms I perused Seattle Magazine. Back in the 1960s there was an excellent magazine of the same name that had great articles written by people such as Tom Robbins. The new magazine is geared towards people in town that make six figures minimum. One of the adds that caught my eye was for a high rise that advertised a suite (actually an entire floor) for $5 million. I can't imagine having so much money to spend that much money on an apartment, no matter ho nice it is. Maybe if I was an ultra-wealthy shut-in like Howard Hughes.

Occupational therapy is going to let me use the burner (hot plate) to cook something so I am debating between Kraft Mac & Cheese or real Mac & Cheese with Spam.

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