Sunday, February 8, 2009

Forty Five Minutes to Cook a Hot Dog?

Today was almost as nice as yesterday. After getting up at ten I had some coffee (I think I am using to much grounds) watched some golf on the HDTV in the lobby. The crazies around here were getting on my last nerve and there seemed to be no place to escape. I went to QFC and browsed until I bought some half & half and air freshener, then a little later went to the Pinehurst Pub, this time for the pork chop (the first one I have had in roughly 20 months (fuck I have been here a long time). It was very tasty, though I wished I had two of them. There sure were a lot of people drinking beer at 11:00 a.m.

When I got back to the home I kept trying to find a quiet space to think, read, or whatever. My room was uninviting because my roommate, Marlin, was laying on top of his sheets, snoring away, wearing nothing but a diaper, a t-shirt, and black socks.

I wound up going up to the Crest Movie Theater (which I hadn't been to since Resevoir Dogs came out) and saw a movie (the first movie I've seen in a theater since Grindhouse). I saw the James Bond movie A Quantum of Solace. As an action film it is top notch, but the scenes between the action didn't seem to advance the story that much. 007 Nerds, like me, know that the evil organization that Bond is up against is SPECTRE and the top man is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, but none of this information was revealed in the movie. I didn't wait to see if, at the end of the credits, we get the usual "James Bond Will Return..." (The IMdb does not list an upcoming Bond film). I will probably get the DVD when it shows up used or real cheap and watch it again.

Prior to going to th Crest I stopped in to 7-Eleven to get a quarter-pound Big Bite (hot dog) but the guy said he just put them on and it takes 45 minutes to cook them to temperature. 45 minutes! A casserole takes 45 minutes. a hot dog should take next to nothing.

Anyway, the movie was OK but I was very dissapointed that the theater did not have a ramp for wheelchairs. I wound up sitting next to the last row. And then later I found out the bus runs every hour on Sundays, so I wheeled myself home in 40° weather and was freezing by the time I got back.

Right now I am feeling a bit sick to my stomach from popcorn and coffee.

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