Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No Respect

I had to see a counselor today because I said the word "fuck" today. I could have said a lot more. Once again I got screwed out of something I own and can't afford to replace. First someone breaks my XBOX360 while I am almost dying in the hospital (and since there were no witnesses the home refuses to take responsibility). Last week a nursing assistant absent mindlessly knocked my travel mug off a table, breaking it, rendering it useless except to use as a dribble glass. Now someone decided to take my jacket to the laundry without asking me, and without emptying the pockets, so now I have lost my pocket watch, pocket knife, and the key to my drawer with my valuables. The laundry says they don't have them. Did the nursing assistant steal them? I would hope not, but I am sick of the total lack of regard for patients personal property. I can't afford to replace these items. This "fucking" place only leaves me $17 a month of my disability check (not the $57 they are supposed to, like $57 isn't insulting enough).

I have told them in therapy they better have me ready to leave this dump by June 1st or I am going to lose it.

UPDATE: The laundry found my watch and knife and they say they will replace my coffee mug. They still won't replace the XBOX360.

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