Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fuck Republicans. All of them.

The Obama administration is barely two weeks old and the Republicans themselves act like they won a mandate from the people to oppose Obama at every turn, rather than the mandate for Obama and for change that is reality.

Since his inauguration, Obama has bent over backwards to appease Republicans, even to the point of weakening the stimulus package and back peddling on Gay Rights. It has been just two weeks, so I will keep "hoping" that Obama will make this a better stronger country, but I wish he would somewhat ignore the Republicans, at least on the stuff he promised to those of us who voted for him, and keep his promises.

And I don't understand all this crap about Tom Daschle. If this was a Bush appointee, he'd have already been sworn in and be picking out new furniture. Daschle screwed up his taxes, like 50% or more of Americans, and did not know that he needed to declare a borrowed car as income. I wouldn't have known to declare it. Do I have to declare every lunch or coffee treated by a friend as income?

And now Cheney is going around saying that we will suffer a catastrophic terrorist attack because Obama is president. Considering Cheney's contacts with other evil people like him (he probably knows Osama Bin Laden personally, which is why he isn't dead), he could arrange for something to happen.