Saturday, February 7, 2009

A good day

Today was a pretty good day, even though they didn't get me out of bed until eleven. Still, it wound up being nicer than expected. I didn't have any blood draws, IVs, or therapy sessions, so I had the whole day to do what I wanted. I started the day doing crossword puzzles and searching random topics on the net (patron saints, state birds, the Zodiac killer, etc.) and randomly entering names of friends and family members to see what internet presence they have. Some of my friends, as extraordinary people that they are, have extremely pedestrian names (i.e. Julie Wilson, a friend I haven't seen in five years). I have an Aunt that I periodically look for, Jackie Holybee, whom I haven't seen in 19 years, she may have gotten married and changed her name, but she doesn't show up. I have much better luck when person's first or last name is not so common. I typed in the names of some friends with more unique sounding names, and found a couple of them, though the trails were a bit cold. I did find one former friend, someone I haven't spoken to in a dozen years or so, and whom I knew was a somewhat successful writer in the Bay Area. I found out she got married six months ago (her wedding photos were on Flickr). She looked pretty much the same, though somehow taller. I looked through the pictures to see if I recognized anyone besides the bride, (specifically the aforementioned Julie Wilson) but didn't see any familiar faces.

After watching the latest episode of The Closer (which I missed on Monday because it was up against a new episode of Heroes) I headed out to the library. While waiting for the bus a hearse and funeral procession (I hoped this wasn't supposed to be an omen). There were a lot of cars in the procession, My first reaction was "This guy has a lot of friends." Then I noticed almost all the cars had only one person in them. Doesn't anyone carpool in this town? I hope when I go my friends will carpool. It should only take three cars, tops.

I caught the bus up to the library to pick up some stuff on hold and then after some debate (becuse my battery on my chair was near empty) I decided to go to the Pinehurst Pub for lunch. On the bus I met an interesting guy. I don't usually talk to people on the bus. I tend to mind my own business. But he was engaging and we had mutual interests. He gave me his email address, and I sent him one when I had the opportunity.

At the pub I was happy to see NY Steak on the specials board had one medium rare steak with fries (the picture above is a representation of what I had. The steak looks identical, but there was no Bearnaise sauce and their were a lot of crinkle-cut fries). It was heaven, I was tempted to order another one because I ate the first one so fast (the steaks I buy for myself at Whole Foods tend to be three times as thick with just a bit of fat on it. (I am tempted to go back tomorrow to see if it is one the menu again...they also had a porkchop on the menu, but I would want at least two). I later picked up a small My Brother's Pizza from QFC and had the kitchen cook it up for me (they did a pretty decent job cooking it). Half of it is in the refrigerator.

I hope tomorrow is as nice as it was today.

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