Thursday, January 22, 2009

A couple updates

The problems with web security seemed to be at its worst when I use the server in my room rather than the one in the lobby. It's a bit hit and miss.

Tomorrow I have to go to Northwest Hospital, near Northgate, for a transfusion. This afternoon I went there to get my blood drawn to type and match. This is the first time I've been to NW other than the Emergency room and the one time they sent me there overnight for another transfusion.

For decor it beats Virginia Mason, but they forgot to make the elevators and many of the doors wheelchair friendly.

For lunch I decided to go to the taco truck by the 76 Station, behind the Goodwill, and found out it closed three months ago. Too bad. It was way better than the one nearer the home. I wound up getting a taco that fell apart in my hand.

Outside my room there are five people all yelling for help. It is hard to care anymore because that's just about all they say. I can hear a frazzled nursing assistant outside, all alone, trying to calm them down.

I probably should go to bed early because I have to get up early for the transfusion but there is a lot on TV tonight. I miss having a DVR.

Therapy was OK. I worked with Toby on standing (I barely managed three half-assed stands at a minute each. O.T. was a bit of a bore, there were too many people, plus my time was cut in half because of a "Care Conference" which is just a meeting with the head nurse and social worker to reiterate my care program.

Nothing much else going on. It is frustrating being bed ridden or chair ridden. And then not being able to out and do something because I have to be around for therapy and an IV at noon, then another one at 2:30, and by the time I am be free to go out, it's too fucking cold and the sun starts going down around 4:30. It makes it hard to go out and accomplish anything worth writing about.


ray said...

Man, why do you need a transfusion? Hope it's going ok. Northwest Hospital was where I went when I broke my ankle and for the subsequent surgeries. Ruth spend the night there with me. She said that when she had surgery, she woke up crying for her mom and all fucked up, but when I woke up the first thing I did was ask for a cigarette. Pretty funny.

Larry Davenport said...

They just wanted to bring my red blood cell count up so I can heal faster.