Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm 45 Today

Pretty anticlimactic for a 45th birthday. 45 should be big. I think any birthday ending in a 0 or 5 should be a big deal.

A few nurses new it was my birthday, but most people didn't. At least I meet my friends Sunday for pizza, so maybe that will cheer me up. If I was allowed, financially, to have a cell phone I think I would have got a call from some of my out of state friends, if they remembered it was my birthday. I remember just about everyone's birthday, but it seems like I always have to remind people when mine is.

I did get some very welcome email best wishes from my Aunt Jeannette and my friend Karie, which was very cool. This morning I picked up the birthday cake (above) that I ordered from the Coffee Shack (thank you Corrine, it was delicious). I had a healthy slice with some ice cream and then shared it with the therapists. If there is any left I'll have some tomorrow.

Therapy seems to be going really slow. There also seems to be a lot more people getting therapy so I am feeling like I am not getting my share. I'll show up at 10, like I always used to do because back when the old crew was there, there were actual schedules. Now I might as well have them come look for me.

Anyway, enough with the negativity. Here is a list of people born January 29 (at least the ones I find interesting) more here:

1737 Thomas Paine
1860 Anton Chekhov
1880 W. C. Fields
1923 Paddy Chayevsky
1945 Tom Selleck
1954 Oprah Winfrey
1970 Heather Graham

Interesting people who died on my birthday:

1820 King George III of Great Britain
1956 H.L. Mencken
1963 Robert Frost
1964 Alan Ladd
1977 Freddie Prinze
1980 Jimmy Durante
1981 Cozy Cole
1992 Willie Dixon

And interesting moments in history:

1845 Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" 1st published
1863 Battle at Bear River WA US Army vs Indians
1919 Secretary of state proclaims the 18th amendment (prohibition)
1936 1st players elected to Baseball Hall of Fame
1958 Murderer, Charles Starkweather, captured by police in Wyoming
1958 Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward wed
1964 Beatles record in German "Komm, Gib Mir Diene Hand" & "Sie Leibt Dich"
1964 Stanley Kubrick's"Dr. Strangelove" premieres

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