Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Guess It's Been Awhile...

I guess it's been awhile since I've bought anything besides DVDs and CDs, which I often buy used. I thought about getting an electric wok or electric skillet so I could make my own pasta sauce, or maybe some pork fried rice. I thought I could get something like the West Bend wok my Mom had, which was about $30. Looking at Amazon, all the woks are like $75 to $100. And when I went to QFC the other day, I noticed that four pork chops cost about $12. Now that I am back to handing all but $50 of my disability to the nursing home, I can't afford such luxuries.

Tomorrow I turn 45 but all day I stressed about seeing 50. Mary Joe confirmed that the lumps in the small of by back are in deed caused by calciphylaxis.

Tomorrow I will also pick up my birthday cake from the Coffee Shack and hope it's good.

I received Kind of Blue today but haven't got a chance to listen to it. I gues I could turn off the TV. I also recieved a very nice birthday card and Starbucks gift card from my Aunt Jeanette. It was very sweet of her. I will try to call her soon.

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