Friday, January 16, 2009

Health in general and a sad anniversarry

I am feeling just a smidge better and more flexible but I can't still lift my legs. I hope to get the tube out of my side on Tuesday then I can practice rolling back and forth in bed and get closer to rolling out of bed and into my chair.

Joyce left today. That doesn't leave many of the regulars that were here when I started. Some of the new people do not inspire confidence. I question how much experience they have.

I've had a roommate. Alvin, for about as long as I have been back but have been too tired and distracted to write about him. I am guessing he is an early stages of Alzheimer or had a stroke because he does do therapy but is communicative. Thankfully he doesn't talk much but often he leaves the faucet running and last night he walked to and from the bathroom pissing on the floor and wall (I quietly rang for the nurse because I didn't want to distract him and have him wander over and pee on my stuff.)

Nineteen years ago today my Mother passed away. I will try to write about her when her birthday comes up February 22.

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