Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm alive

I just got out of the hospital at around 4:00 this afternoon today I am very tired and pretty exhausted. I still have lots of tubes sticking out of me, but I do feel better, knock wood I hope to be better by early February.

Ten days ago, by the time I made to the hospital my temperature went up to 1o4.6° The nurses and doctors kept asking me who am I and where I am "thinking I don't fucking care; just make it fast or let me roll over and die."

I completely freaked out when they tried give me a cat scan, and I've had my share of cat scan in my life. And that was just first day. I'll write more wen lucid.


Uncle Vinny said...

Hey Larry, I'm glad you're back.

ray said...

Geez, I hope that you are feeling better soon! Ten days is a long time. Take it easy!