Saturday, January 10, 2009

I know I have been sporadic blogger

I feeling a bit better since yesterday but I haven't ventured out any further outside than to get coffee and I am having trouble getting back in in the building, which was easy. I seem to have lost the ability to bend at the waist or lift my legs. An many ways I feel like I am starting over (all 14 months back), but the therapists are optimistic, so we'll see.

Since I got back the doctors have stuffed so me with much antibiotics I think is contributed to my ennui. I have so many tubes sticking out of me it's a wonder I am still able to go back to edit the blog. Sometimes when I look up at the screen it looks like random box of Scrabble tiles...mostly consonants.

I've also managed to use up all of the Starbucks cards I've received from Marianne and Todd, and am still trying to find a nice gift from from the certificate that was given to me by Aunt Jeanette and her family. I aslos want to thank you who sent me cards, especialy Rachel and Nancy.

I also just got done watching The Dark Knight, which I thought was very good, and so was Heath Ledger, but had he not died the mos he could have hoped for is an MTV movie award (unless tere was such lousy selection of supporting actors this year.


ray said...

larry you're a friend of the stranger! that makes reading your blog so much more convenient, since i'm constantly on slog at work. that sucks about your xbox. i've been playing HELLA wii. it's so fun. i'm glad that you're feeling more lucid now.

Larry Davenport said...

Hey Ray,

Thanks for the head's up. It makes me feel kind of proud!!