Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another Therapist Bites The Dust

The latest therapist to leave the nursing home was Kathy, who got fired a couple days ago, though I just found out today. She was the only occupational therapist that was hired after the great exodus of last December of all the O.T.s that I had been working with me since I got here. Apparently most of the old folks didn't like Kathy because she actually expected them to participate in their therapy. She, like me, couldn't stand to have her time wasted and was vocal about it. It bugs me that these old vegetables get wheeled into therapy and sit and complain or sit and drool, when I acually want to be there and get better, but only get 45 minutes a day and only about 60% of my therapists attention.

The old folks, and the bosses didn't care for her, I guess, but I liked her. She gave me back rubs and improved my posture. She made me work hard, but I didn't mind. Even though I haven't had much energy lately, I still managed to make my way down there to work with her everyday Monday through Friday. Now I am not motivated to go there all. There are still some good physical therapists like Tobey, X, and Arthur that I enjoy working with, but they work on my legs, and Kathy worked on my back and my arms, and we could talk about how crazy this place is, or in her case, was. I just am not all that comfortable with the other therapists. They come off as either condescending, treating me like just another old timer/child, or they are too much of a cheerleader type. Positive reinforcement is all well and good, but don't kiss my ass unless I tell you to.

I wish I would have known Kathy was leaving. I would have liked to say goodbye and good luck.

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