Monday, March 30, 2009

Fear sets in

One more night here in the home and some things are resolved. I will have a bed delivered tomorrow afternoon. Afterwards I'll go buy some bedding and get something to eat and spend my first quiet night alone in the apartment (I don't have a TV yet but I'll have my laptop and some DVDs). The library is just three blocks away so I'll go over some time during the day to check my email and post here.

Tomorrow, before I leave, they will give me a month's worth of medicine and information about nursing and social work and such.

What is scary is what is in today's news. The state of Washington is slashing money from the budget in low income housing, disability insurance, and home health care.

An now I think I have the flu and diarrhea. It's a scary time to go out on my own.


ray said...

Sorry that you have the flu, and are nervous about the move. I'm really excited for you moving into your own place though! It sounds like you're in a prime locale too.

Larry Davenport said...

It is scary being ome alone because if something happens like I fall out of the chair, I have to call 911. I strangely feel safer outside than in, but that could be herbal paranoia. Once I have a TV and the internet at home I'll feel better.