Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Coming soon...a new address

I got the apartment! It's in a good location in the University District overlooking the freeway. At night I will pretend I-5 is a river. It will be music compared to my roommate's snoring.

I don't know what the rent will be yet, but it will probably be around $700 a month for a one bedroom, one bath (though I won't be able to use the shower, the toilet seems accessible). I will have to learn how to wash in the sink until I can walk again.

The place is not very big not very big, but I can get in and out alright, including the kitchen (I will need to buy a microwave). Since I don't have any furniture I can work with the space. At this point I just need a bed and something that other people can sit on when they visit. Oh, and I'll need a big TV, and maybe a rug (the floor is tile). A rug would tie the room together.

They said I can move in Monday but I am going to call tomorrow to see if I can get the keys this weekend. I need all of my stuff out before Tuesday or the nursing home will charge me for a full months rent, even though my bed won't be empty for more than a day. The business manager acts as if I owe her personally. I will happily write my last check to this place on the 31st for the $240 back rent I owe. Once I get my stuff out of storage and sort things out, life begins again.

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