Thursday, March 12, 2009

Food Blogs worth your time

Besides therapy, watching TV, and sleeping, there is not much to do around here except surf the net (if you are lucky like me an have a lap top). Every day it seems like more and more sites are being blocked by this place's ridiculous web security. The latest sites to be blocked are "games," which means everything from reviews of video games to "According to Hoyle" are forbidden. Thankfully they still let me read blogs about food.

My current favorite food blog is For the love of cooking, a recipe site with easy instructions and lots of eye candy. It is updated often and the number of recipes number 280+. They run the gamut of domestic and international cuisine.

The Impulsive Buy is a site that reviews "ready-to-eat" meals and snacks that are found at most supermarkets. The writing is fairly witty and it has saved me from buying some crappy food. Phoood, which isn't updated as often, is a similar site.

Unless you plan on visiting the Northeastern United States, the following sites are only useful as eye candy. Slice is a blog that mainly reviews pizza in the New York area, but the writers will review pizza places in other cities from time to time. Pig Trip reviews barbecue places in Boston and NYC. The Burrito Blog reviews burritos (of course) available mainly in New England.

It would be great if I could point to some Seattle-based food blogs, but there are almost none to speak. Many have been started, only to be abandoned. If I wasn't of pitiful fixed income, and currently of no appetite, I would try to start a local food blog myself. There was a blog that reviewed Seattle area taco trucks, but since there aren't that many taco trucks in Seattle, and since they tend to move when business is bad, the site died a quick death. Seattle has so many great places to eat it would be easy to have separate blogs for hamburgers, pizza, sushi, seafood, steaks, Thai, Indian, Italian, Mexican, breakfasts, etc.

The only Seattle food blogs of note are All You Can Eat, written by Nancy Leson, of the Seattle Times, and Voracious by the Seattle Weekly. Eating Seattle is okay but rarely updated. Seattle Food Geek is a site I just discovered and so haven't formed an opinion of yet, but so far it looks good.


quanton said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


ray said...

you've checked out right? so funny. also, there's a really awesome game called kingdom of loathing that i've been playing to kill time at work. it's an rpg that makes fun of rpgs. you spend most of the time getting drunk and killing zombies. you should see if it's blocked.