Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two more nights

I am starting to get a little scared of moving out. The nursing home still hasn't put me in touch with DSHS so I don't know if a helper is going to come by every day or every week and they haven't arranged for a nurse to come by every day to change my bandages. The nurse who changed my dressing this morning is concerned that the wound on my chest isn't healing quick enough. I also still don't know if I have a bed or when it will be delivered.

Assuming someone, a nurse or helper, comes by every day, I need to know when so I can be out of bed to let them in. More stuff to worry about.

My friends took what boxes I had here at the home to my apartment and Paul is concerned that the place is too small for all the stuff I have in storage. I'll have to make do or get rid of some of my stuff.

I am also worried that I am getting a bug because my stomach has been dicey, but it could just be stress.

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