Monday, March 23, 2009

In Search of Housing (Part Two)

I received an unexpected phone call this morning. It turns out the rules have changed and I am now eligible for low-income housing. There is an opening in an apartment building near 45th & 7th in the U-District (next to I-5). I have an appointment to look at it on Wednesday around lunchtime. Unless the place smells like urine or I can't fit my chair through the door I already know I'll take it. I want to get out of this place so bad. My roommate left his dirty diaper on the floor this morning, Last night the toilet kept running for hours and I didn't fall asleep until after four. I had bought a pair of ear plugs at the mall yesterday and tried them out. They are rated at 25 decibles and I could still hear the water running. I was also reminded how bad my tinitis is. I preferred listrning to the water run than the constant ringing in my ears.

In physical therapy I stood several times and it felt pretty good.


Jason L. Cheung said...

Sweeet, Larry. Hope it works out. Is that on my side of I-5 or the other side?


Larry Davenport said...

It's pn the Pagliacci side.