Friday, March 20, 2009

In Search of Housing (Part One)

I started looking for a place to live today. I looked at one place that was near perfect, it's a block away from the nursing home, is in a fantastic apartment complex with four swimming pools and tennis courts, had a porch, a view, and was on the ground floor. A large one-bedroom apartment for about $800 a month, except that my credit is too bad. I think I am going to run into a lot of that.

Since getting my transplant in 2006, I haven't been able to pay my many credit card bills because my prescriptions were close to $500 a month (not counting the anti-rejection medication I couldn't afford because it was $1,000 a week after insurance). And now 99.9% of my disability checks go to the nursing home. When I had money I paid off a lot of the smaller bills, but am still left with four or five fairly large debts (though smaller than the National average). Bankruptcy is my likely future.

My social worker is trying to help me out finding housing, but I am afraid that I may be stuck moving into an adult family home. As long as I am still in King County, West of Lake Washington, and North of the SODO, I'll take what I can get (as long as it's safe and not run by religious zealots).

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