Friday, March 27, 2009

Keys in hand

I picked up the keys to my new apartment today. It took an hour to sign all the paperwork. Low income housing is a lot more complicated than just signing a lease. My hand is still feeling cramped from all the signing.

I hope I can get some sleep tonight. I didn't get any last night.

This morning I had a scare. The phone rang and it is under my bed. I reached for it and almost fell out of bed onto the cold hard floor. My head would have hit the iron footrest on my wheelchair. Fortunately I had pressed the call light before the phone rang so I only hung precariously off the edge of the bed for a minute or so, but my wrist is still sore from trying to hold myself up. I need to be more careful.

Still no word on whether I will have a bed ready by Tuesday. There is no way I will be able to fall asleep in my chair. I envy the old timers around here who are able to sleep sitting up. But I don't envy their drool.

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