Thursday, March 5, 2009

First they giveth, then they taketh away

I got up this morning, hoping to see that the IRS deposited my $930 refund, so I could order my HDTV from Amazon, but instead found out that I am overdrawn by $258. When I add up all the debit cards and purchases I made since Saturday, I should be overdrawn about $50, which would include one overdraft fee. Whe I looked at my balance when I took the money out to by my replacement XBOX360, I forgot to subtract the amount for what I ordered from Amazon, I thought the amount of my balanc already included that.

I have never been good at balancing my checkbook, which is even bigger a bane of my existence than my health. I also seem to have to get rid of money as soon as I have it. At least I paid my participation fee here at the home, which is the check I thought might put me over the top, but they also usually hold the check longer and I thought I'd have got my refund by now. But because Amazon split my order into four packages, they charged me four times and each overdraw cost me $38.

I should get my refund this week, but it has now been cut down by almost 40%. I guess I won't be getting an HDTV after all. I'll save the rest of the money for food. At least I will try.

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