Friday, March 13, 2009

Latest additions to my wish list

I'm not asking anyone to buy me any of the stuff from my Amazon Wish List (that is so 14-year old girl) I'm just saying I've added some new items that I hope someday to own (and maybe you would too).

On April 21 Rhino will release the 3CD/1DVD Jane's Addiction box set, A Cabinet of Curiosities, which will be 100% previously unreleased material (or at least very hard to find), including a complete concert from the 1994 Ritual de lo Habitual tour. The DVD will have all of their music videos and additional live material from a 1994 appearance on MTV-Italy.

On June 9th a 40th Anniversary box set for Woodstock is coming out. It's three discs includes 18 additional performances and a "Making of" feature almost as long as the original three hour film. As far as I can tell the 18 additional performances, or at least most of them, were once available on a 1980s laser disc/VHS tape, but make their first appearance on DVD and Blu-Ray. There are no additioanl Jimi Hendrix performances, beyond what was added to the 1994 "Director's Cut" but his entire performance is already available on DVD. There is some additional Who material on this new release, but if you want more, seek out their documentary The Kids Are Alright. Maybe someday their whole performance will be available. To me this is the most exiting rockumentary DVD release since the Criterion version of The Monterey Pop Festival. Now if we can get similiar treatments for The 1970 Isle Of Wight Concert, the Beatles Let It Be and Frank Zappa's 200 Motels, I would be a happy camper.

On March 24, the third volume of Turner Classic Movies "Forbidden Hollywood" collection of Pre-Hays Code Hollywood will debut. This volume focuses on the films of William "Wild Bill" Wellman. I have the first two volumes and am looking forward to the third. I hope they continue the series before these films are completely forgotten.

On April 7 Universal opens their vaults for the similarly themed "Pre Code Hollywood Collection." The collection does not lack for stars (Cary Grant, Claudette Colbert, Tallulah Bankhead, etc.) but unlike the Turner box, it seems to lack extras (the Turner box has two documentaries as well as six feature films and accompanying cartoons). Both box sets are around $30 each, so that works out to about $5 a film, which is cheaper than going to the movies today (and probably more satisfying).

Finally, an item that I already ordered from Amazon, but thought you might like to know about:

On March 17, the import-only deluxe version of The Who's Who Sell Out is released with both the original 1967 mono and stereo mixes and several additional tracks. As much as I love Tommy, Who Sell Out has to be my favorite album by the band. The set will include all the tracks recorded during the 1967 sessions, which means omitting "Melancholia" the 1968 track that was from the 1995 remaster. Hopefully it will be added to a deluxe version of Odds & Sods, as I think "Melancholia" is the Who's greatest "unreleased" track and the perfect bridge berween Sell Out and Tommy. (When you fall in love with this album, and you will, check out Petra Haden's all-acapella version of the album. It is great.)

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