Thursday, March 26, 2009

Five Days and Counting

The process for getting our of here has begun. Tomorrow afternoon I pick up the keys to my new apartment and sign the lease papers. The rent is only going to be $533 a month. Saturday my friends will come by and pick up all my boxes from the nursing home, but I will stay here until Tuesday. Hopefully I will have a bed by then.

The fear of the unknown is setting in. It has been almost two years since I have last taken care of myself and I don't know how I am going to do it in a wheelchair. Either because of my disease or my medication, or maybe it is just this place, I suffer from night sweats when I sleep and often wake up drenched in sweat, my sheets cold and clammy. I usually have to have a nurse change them in the middle of the night. How am I going to do that on my own? But as I lay here listening to my roommate snore, worries like that see, trivial and not unsermountable. Tuesday can't come soon enough.

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Jason L Cheung said...

Congrats, Larry!