Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still sick but still productive...sort of

Except for getting coffee, going to QFC, baking biscuits, eating biscuits, and some physical therapy I didn't accomplish much today. I did listen to all the commentary tracks for season 4 of The Office. I know most people don't bother listening to commentary tracks but, as a former film student, I often find them usually interesting. It was the commentary track for the Criterion laser disc version of The Graduate (sadly this version is not available on DVD) that pointed out to me how Mrs. Robinson wore lots of animal prints, and her home was full of jungle plants, and as Benjamin became less and less enchanted with Mrs. Robinson, he noticed his mother was starting to dress and do her hair like her too. (It was stuff like this that made me want to make movies).

Most commentary tracks are pretty dry, but I especially like the ones for sitcoms, because I often find them funny (especially the ones for Mr. Show, The Office, and the movies Orgazmo and Cannibal: The Musical).

Saturday I am looking forward to catching the matinee at the Neptune to see Watchmen. I read the graphic novel years ago and thought it was pretty cool. The movie looks cool and I expect at least a couple hours of eye candy. There is no way they can reproduce the book. First, it would be eight hours long, minimum (the DVD is rumoured to have hours of deleted scenes that restores many subplots that were cut out of the theatrical version). Second, purists are disappointed that the film is visually darker than the graphic novel, which was drawn in the style of "Silver Age" comic books. Short of doing an all-CGI film, ala The Incredibles, are just doing it as a cartoon, I don't know how they would have satisfird the die hard. Finally, I heard the ending of the movie is slightly different than the book, which frankly, I barely remember.

If you've read the Watchmen and want to read something similiar, but with more familiar carachters, you should check out Justice League: The New Frontier. It is a great read and there is a condensed DVD cartoon version for the illiterate. It is similiar in plot to Watchmen, in that superheroes have been mostly outlawed, except for Superman and Wonder Woman, who are working for the Eisenhower administration. It tells the origin stories for the likes of Green Lantern, the Flash, and Martian Manhunter. It's good, but it is so similiar to Watchmen that it should be bonus material for the Watchmen DVD. However the artwork is very different to that of either the Watchmen graphic novel or the film, so stands on it's own pretty well.

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