Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Snow Day

It wasn't much of a day today. I woke up this morning to both a backache and a pain in my neck and I felt even sicker than yesterday. Coughing has been painful. I still haven't heard anything about my chest x-ray. I hate the doctor that oversees my health care here in the home. In the past 13 months I have spoken with him maybe a total of 15 minutes. It seems like the quality of my healthcare diminished when I went from being covered by health insurance and being covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

No sign of my new roommate yet. Since I had the room to myself no one bothered me all night. I slept until 8:00, when my nurse brought in my painkillers, then I was able to go back to sleep until 9:30, when Abrahim came in to change my bandages. I wound up staying in bed until about 2:30, just in time to work out with Lamin.

It finally started snowing around 4:00 p.m. and the wind picked up about an hour later. They are predicting that winds will except 75 m.p.h. and there will be 4 to 6 inches of snow in Seattle. The national news (NBC) says that it will be the deepest snow since 1974, but I have lived in Seattle for 18 years and I remember twice (Decembers of 1990 and 1996) when the snow reached at least halfway up my calve. Maybe that was just a snow drift. I don't know where they officially measure the depth of the snow. "Seattle" can be a pretty vague description and we have lots of hills.

The news has been dominated by the snow but I can't see it out my window. I rolled out to the windows that face the back but there are no lights outside so all I can see is my own reflection. In the lobby, Ray has the drapes closed and he won't be nice and part them so I can see outside. My chair won't reach. I don't know why he has to be such a dick. If I want to see, I will have to go out the front door. But that requires punching in a code, which I know, and getting outside before the alarm goes off. That isn't a problem. I go out the front door all the time when I go out for coffee. But I never come back through the front. It's easier to come in the back way. The controls for my chair are t the end of my right arm rest. Coming into the building, the left swinging door is always locked, making it difficult for me to get back inside because I have to reach for the right door, across my body, with my left arm to open the door. On a couple occasions I have almost broke my arm. Entering through the back door, I can open the left swinging door with my left hand and scoot right on in.

Unfortunately the Wi-Fi is not working in my room which is why I came out into the lobby to use it here. Ray has just switched the TV to watch Nancy Grace. I find her repugnant, but there isn't really much better on. I have 150 movies and ten video games back in my room so I will end things now. Tomorrow we will see how much snow actually accumulated. Hopefully it will be so much that my new roommates arrival will be delayed.

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