Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Too tired to write

I feel a little better than yesterday but I am still sick and I keep falling asleep. The day started with a long email to my former boss at the UW Physics Department, Karie, whick took hours to do because people kept coming in for vital signs and I got a sponge bath, which I needed badly.

I am sure other stuff happened but I forgot most of it. And when I "remember" it it turns out to be a hallucination.

I had physical therapy (in bed) with Arthur, restorative therapy with Lamin, and occupational therapy with Kathy (twice), so I felt that the day was productive. Also I had two visits from friends. The first was with my friend Marriane (from the UW Chemistry Department). She's the one I wrote about earlier, the one who is the Mother Theresa of cats. She keeps trying to find the perfect cat for me to adopt and I had to explain to her that, although I like cats, I am allergc to their urine. Besides I have found a new love now. It was a very unexpected visit and I hoped to catch up with all the office gossip but I was really tired.

I told her I want to hang out more and she agreed. She also gave me a couple of much wanted gift cards, one from Burger King and one from Starbucks. After she left, my friend Todd and his family stopped by and also brought me a Starbucks gift card (for a combined total of $45 of coffee, sweet). His two kids, Autumn (age six) and Aidan (age three) are growing up real fast. And this is the first time, since the 2007 4th of July, that I've seen her. It was shortly after that that I went into the hospital, never to return to normal life (yet). I also got a Christmas card from my friend Rachel (Hi Ray!) today, so I have been feeling pretty cheery all day.

Unless I get a second wind I probably won't write again tonight. Between the drugs and the heat in my room (it's 90°!) I am just too beat to concentrate. I have nodded off five times in the past hour, since I started writing this post, so I gotta go.

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