Monday, December 22, 2008

One more thing

This snow is all pretty and everything but it has fucked up things for a lot of people. If it's waking up to find your car has had a tree fall on it, or finding it impossible to get gas, or it's finding yourself stranded at the airport, or the train station, with little hope of getting home for Christmas, added on top of losing your job (as did 533,000 workers in November alone) tell me why I should want to live again?


'Vivor said...

Sorry to read about the laryngitis, fever, etc. Hope you feel better soon. I spent 14 hours yesterday getting to UW Hospital and back on Metro because I hate ambulances and their collection agencies. I almost felt sympathy for all those blogosphere whiners who seem to wish they were back in Iowa or Schenectady with their fleets of snowplows.

Speaking of New York, I thought the answer to your question about the reason for living might be found somewhere in this article:

Life could be worse: you could be living in the Metropolitan Jewish Geriatric Center.

Larry Davenport said...

A belated thank you!