Monday, December 22, 2008

I got out of bed...then, almost immediatly, got back in.

For the second time in two days a nurse has asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital, and for the second time I said no (despite a 101.4° temperature and an oxygen level of 84%). "Said" is hardly the right word as I have a wicked case of laryngitis.

It snowed a LOT yesterday, judging from the picture I took when I was up (an impressive hour and a half). I can't tell if the photograph is in focus. The medication I am taking has caused my vision to be blurrier than usual.

I got out of bed around ten and immediately regretted it. I was light headed and everything went white. I imagine I turned white too, but I had an aide who was disinterested in my condition, he was more interested in getting me dressed and into my chair, so he could male my bed and take his break.

Though I wanted to get back into bed, I needed to take care of a couple things first. I put the half pint of Southern Comfort in a box that the staff would unlikely look through, in the event that I will have to go to the hospital. I then went out to the Solarium, the dining room where the folks who can't feed themselves are fed, to take some more pictures (the best of which is below). Then I went and got some coffee and headed back to therapy. I told Arthur that I wasn't up to standing but I would be willing to do stretches later. I told Joyce I wasn't up to lifting weights, but she talked me into playing the Wii. I bowled an impressive 236, but, in golf, I shot a lousy 8 over par, despite one birdie and six even pars in a nine hole game.

It was noon, so I returned to my room to watch The People's Court. All of a sudden I had to have a bowel movement so, since I use a bed pan, I went back to bed. Jonas came in to give me my medication so I just decided to stay in bed, where I have been ever since (it's 5:00 now) writing this post. A couple hours agi Lamin stopped by and we got in fifteen minutes of therapy, but no sign of Arthur.

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