Monday, December 15, 2008

Everyone wants a seat at the table

I said awhile ago if the lefties would just hold off until Obama picked his domestic cabinet, they would be a lot happier. He is slowly announcing said team, beginning with his choice for Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.), a highly regarded architect who oversaw the building of New York City's largest affordable housing development in history. Shaun Donovan's appointment will be a nice change from G. W.'s two H.U.D. secretaries. The first was accused of only granting contracts to companies who were "friendly" to the administration. The second was an investment banker with no apparent experience in running anything. There should be more official announcements for cabinet posts this week, possibly this afternoon, but MSNBC says the rumors, if true should appease many of the left. (I will wait to hear what Rachel Maddow says tonight),

But whomever he picks, it seems like President-Elect Obama can't win for losing. There are only so many cabinet positions available and every interest group is demanding some sort of affirmative action. There has to be a member of the LGBT community on it (Hillary doesn't count). There has to be a Hispanic (the fact that Bill Richardson was picked Commerce Secretary and not Secretary of State is being viewed as a token appointment..isn't what they are asking for?) He also recieved support from Catholics, Jews, Atheists, Agnostics, Native Americans, Pagans, and African Americans (some of who don't believe Obama is "black enough to count"). If confirmed, Attorney General nominee Eric Holder will cover that base.

Now, the most oppressed minority group on the planet, the Southern White Christian Male demand to have a seat at the table. Jesus. Where's my seat?

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