Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Evening News*

No snow in Seattle (yet) but it's snowing in Vegas. (Huffington Post)

How lucky can you get?

Almost half the population of the town of Wilmington, Ohio (13,000) were laid off. (USA TODAY)

The 7,500 people laid off were just from one company (DHL). Just wait until all the small businesses (restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, etc.) close too. It will be another rust belt ghost town.

Space Shuttles to be sold to the museums. Buyers pay cost plus shipping. (MSNBC)

It would be cool if we could get one at the Museum of Flight! Does anyone have $42 million?

Woman in car calls 911 seconds before she is hit by a train! (MSNBC)

Another reason old people should not be allowed to drive.

"The foot literally popped out of the brain." (Denver News 7)

My nomination for the "eewww" story of 2008.

*not in anyway affiliated with The Stranger's/SLOG's "Morning News"

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