Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Snow Day

Today was so subdued it was easy to forget it wasn't a Saturday. A blanket of snow covered the nursing home and surrounding area and though it seemed like they were fully staffed, I managed to be forgotten about by the therapy department, even though I hung out there playing the Wii and doing crossword puzzles most of the day.

I rolled out into the snow and felt it fall on my face. If I was healthy and younger I would have had fun playing in it. The snow seemed good for Snowmen and Snow Balls. But being stuck in the chair it just felt cold and wet. I took a few pictures and went back inside.

The one interesting thing that happened today was that I was given a phone message (a day late) regarding an opening for housing in Lake City. I called the guy and I can get in to the complex and have a handicapped accessible, one bedroom apartment for $550 plus utilities. The apartment is in a newly renovated building near 125th, between 35th and Lake City Way. It would be a good location if and when I can go back to work at the UW. But I am not going to get my hopes up. I thought I was close to getting a place to live three times in the past year and in every case something fell through.

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Lian said...

Good luck getting the apartment. love your blog! It's a blog I actually want to read! xoxo