Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Letter to Barack

A Slog commenter provide this link to the Obama web page and suggested that all the people who were upset over his choice of Rick Warren giving the inauguration invocation write in. I wrote the following a few minutes ago:

Dear President-Elect,

I am deeply saddened by your choice of Rick Warren as the person you want to give your inaugural invocation. Over the past few weeks I have defended your cabinet choices because I thought your Domestic Policy Team would be closer to the progressive views of your supporters. But I have been disappointed with your choices of late and now your choice of Warren, as polite but intolerant bigot there is. A man who equates your gay supporters with those who practice pedophilia and bestiality, and whose antisemitism is widely known. This I find hard to forgive. I do not regret voting for you because of the alternative, but I can't keep defending your choices. Millions of people supported you and your election gave me and so many people hope. But now I feel you may be just another politician who says what he has to to get elected. Millions of the people who campaigned for you, and who voted for you, now feel abandoned by you and I can't tell if you care how much we are disappointed in you.

You have a tough job ahead and I will pray for you and our country. I hope you can restore my faith in you.

Larry Davenport

Not particularly well written but it was just the spur of the moment and I didn't want to be too wordy.

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