Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am so hungry

I am so hungry and there is nothing within reach and the kitchen is closed.

It's a quarter to 10 at night and I just woke up after about a five hour nap. Danny has already gone to sleep. He is determined to leave the home on Friday and return to his apartment. I wonder how long it will take him to starve himself or not take his medicine until he dies. I think that is his plane. He has bone cancer and it is not going to get any better. Still, he gets up every morning, sometimes as early as a quarter to six. Not because he wants to, but just to please the therapists so they will sign off on his leaving. There is no legal reason that they can keep him. Maybe if his brother were to have him committed, but I don't think his brother would do that to him.

I could go for a pizza right now. A large double pepperoni, double mushroom pie from Pagliaci and a quart of cold milk sounds good. But I am broke until the end of the month. Today I had my last two wieners for brunch, and a biscuit an milk for lunch. Dinner was "Chicken Fried Rice and an Egg Roll." Once again it sounds better than it looked or tasted. the rice was a big mass of sticky rice that tasted like it had Campbell's Soup poored over it, and if I hadn't been told I never would have guessed that it was an eggroll on the plate instead of a deep-fried toilet paper roll fille with coleslaw. I skipped it and ate some stale cookies I left in my chair.

I probably fell asleep because my muscles were very tired from physical therapy. The O.T. was close to nonexistant today, but during physical therapy I wore 4lb. ankle weights while I worked out, then five times I stood up in the parallel bars. I was only able to stand for 20 seconds at a time, but considering I haven't stood in two months, it was an accomplishment. I will try to do even more tomorrow.

Nothing earth shattering in the news today. Mostly stuff about the economy and more lay offs; a little more about the Illinois Governor's Bribery scandal and how it has now tainted Jesse Jackson, Jr. Not much else. Nothing much to Slog about.

My friend Paul says that the package containing my Christmas presents were delivered "at the door." It didn't come to the home, so it must have gone to his houde and someone must have gifted themselves. Hopefully it will get sorted out, but it's the thought that counts. Wednesday he is treating me to lunch at Memo's Mexican Kitchen on Saturday. For all the times he has treated me I need to either take him somewhere nice (but casual and wheelchair friendly) but something I can afford. Maybe we'll go to Pazzo's on Eastlake (personal pizzas pictured above and at bottom) for some wood-fired Pizza and beer or maybe sushi at Red Fin Sushi. Probably not The Lunchbox Laboratory for gourmet hamburgers, which I want to save until my birthday (January 29). It sounds like kids are allowed so it might be a good place for my friends can bring their kids.

I can't wait, I am so hungry.

Memo's Mexican Kitchen

Lunchbox Laboratory

Red Fin Sushi


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